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I smiled as I thought about a comment of Livy's the day before. When she was taking the nude photos she'd expressed surprise that I had neatly trimmed pubes. She said she thought it was the style for gay men to shave them. I'd been tempted to tell her of this upcoming date but had kept quiet. Once I gave her details of one date she'd want to know about them all.

By the time Mario had scraped away every last hair from my pubes I had a raging hardon. If everyone found being shaved as erotic an experience as I did it was no wonder it was so popular. Mario had me roll over, not an easy thing to do in a barber's chair, and he defoliated my dorsal side, ending by spreading my ass cheeks and swiping away the few stray hairs around my hole.

My dick was still as hard as steel when I turned back over. Mario raised the back of the seat somewhat so I could sit comfortably, reclining only slightly, and then dove down on my rigid penis. He probably hadn't learned his deep-throat technique in the barber shop but he was every bit as adept at it as he was the shaving. He was so good at swallowing my ampland entire seven inches and then sucking the life out of me every time he pulled off that I could have come in no time, but I knew he enjoyed sucking so I held off as long as I could before exploding, shooting my load down his throat.

After he'd drained every last drop from me he stood up, licking his lips. He held a hand mirror in several positions so I could see my body from every angle.

"Everything to your satisfaction, sir?"

"Perfect as always, Mario."

As I drove home that night I thought of one thing I could thank Dad for. I would not be able to make it to what was always my ampland sloppiest date. Usually the day after my grooming appointment with Mario, while my body was still smooth, I had a date with a food freak who liked to use my body as a plate. He'd spread all kinds of gooey food all over me and then eat it off. Karen would have to find another smooth escort for that job this time.