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"Oh, please, he was fourteen when I last saw him. I may not have many standards but kids and relatives are right at the top of my list of people I won't sleep with."

"I didn't mean sex, asshole, but it never hurts to have a little eye candy around."

"Well, he's definitely not that. He takes after his father, who I never found 9taxi
attractive in any way. Jake and Lisa, the two younger kids, are the cute ones. They take after my side of the family."

"Who says you don't have an ego?"

After dinner Livy and I took two snifters and the bottle of Remy out to the front porch and settled into the two rocking chairs. I poured us each a drink and we sipped and rocked.

"Isn't this great?" It was a beautiful clear evening. It wasn't quite dark but stars were already appearing in the sky.

"Yeah, if that bottle were a jug of moonshine and we had a couple of corncob pipes we could be Ma and Pa Kettle."

"C'mon Livy, you've got to admit this is heaven."

"You really love it here, don't you, Silas?"

"Sure, I grew up here. It's a part of me."

"That's been obvious all day. It's good to see you so enthusiastic about something. Maybe my theory about you is wrong."

"You have a theory about me?"

"Of course, as I'm sure you have several about me. You always blame your aimlessness on your ADD, assuming that quack you go to is right and you actually have it. But I've always thought that maybe your problem was a lack of passion."

"I'll bet several of my clients would beg to differ with you on that, my dear."

"I'm not talking about sexual energy."

"I know, but I still disagree. There are lots of things I've been very into, maybe too many things."

"Yeah, but only for a short time as evidenced by your various studies, your lack of vocational direction, even your lack of a romantic life. You're all over the place and don't stick with anything for any length of time. You remind me of the U2 song, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.  Or, given that you're a gay man, Cher's version of the song would be more appropriate."  

"At least I keep looking. While I used to love Mom's old Peggy Lee records, I haven't yet settled on Is That All There Is? as my theme song just yet."

"But what are you looking for 9taxi
? Do you have any idea? Sometimes I think you're the least self-aware person I know. You don't let anyone in to see who you really are and so even you don't know who you are."

"I'm not that bad. I think I've always been pretty open with you."